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Web-based Dosimetry Training Tool Closure June 30th, 2011

Dear Dosimetry Training Tool Users and Medical Dosimetrist Community Members,

It is with great regret that we must inform you that after serving the Medical Dosimetrist, Radiation Therapist and Medical Physics communities for almost ten years, the Dosimetry Training Tool will be retired on June 30, 2011, due to a lack of financial support.

As many of you may know, the DTT project began at Stanford University in 2002 as a NCI training grant, under the PI-ship of Arthur Boyer, Ph.D., with the goal of addressing the critical shortage of Medical Dosimetrists in the United States. The Tool provided an online learning environment where students, working under the guidance of a qualified mentor, could access close to 600 hours of didactic material to augment their clinical training and, ideally, prepare to sit for the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board exam.

Since 2004, over 2000 students and 700 mentors from more than 30 countries have subscribed to the Tool, many from developing countries at reduced rates. In order to support the Dosimetry Training Tool once NIH funding ended, a subscription model was implemented in 2007, generating income to support the on-going development and maintenance of this educational resource. Content was developed with the generous participation of close to 80 volunteer authors, making this a true community project. The Dosimetry Training Tool could not have become the important resource it has been without their effort.

Unfortunately, like many other businesses, the DTT has been affected by the collapsed economy and reduced budgets. While our users have been faithful, we have been unable to attract sufficient numbers of new subscribers to support the necessary maintenance of the Tool, nor the development of additional content. It has been a difficult decision, and one not made lightly, to close down the operation of the Dosimetry Training Tool. While it will no longer be active or supported by Stanford, we are keeping the site intact while viable, financial options for its continuation are explored.

We offer our best wishes to all those who have supported the Dosimetry Training Tool over the years, with special thanks to Art Boyer for creating the Tool, Project Manager Scott Kaylor for keeping it a vital resource for so many, and the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University for its generous support. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

We wish you, the students and mentors, continued success in your education and career as a medical dosimetrist or medical physicist. If you have any questions with regard to the closure of the DTT program, please contact us at support@dosimetrytrainingtool.com

Lei Xing, Ph.D.
Jacob Haimson Professor in Radiation Physics
Director, Division of Radiation Physics
Department of Radiation Oncology

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